Microsoft Designer’s Expanded Preview: Exploring the New AI-Powered Design Features


Microsoft has recently announced the expansion of its Microsoft Designer preview, introducing new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered design features. These innovative additions promise to enhance the user experience and streamline the design process for both professionals and beginners. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Microsoft Designer’s expanded preview and discuss how the new AI-powered features can revolutionize the way users create visually stunning presentations and documents.

Overview of Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an intelligent design tool integrated into Microsoft 365 applications, including PowerPoint and Word. It aims to help users create visually appealing presentations and documents by offering design suggestions and assistance in real-time. With the recent expansion of its preview, Microsoft Designer now boasts a host of AI-powered design features that cater to a wider range of user needs and preferences.

New AI-Powered Design Features in Microsoft Designer

Smart Layouts

Smart Layouts is a new feature in Microsoft Designer that uses AI to automatically generate visually appealing layouts for presentations and documents. Based on the content provided, Smart Layouts analyzes the text and images and intelligently suggests a layout that maximizes readability and visual appeal. Users can quickly apply these suggestions to create professional-looking presentations and documents with minimal effort.

Style Ideas

Style Ideas is another AI-powered feature in Microsoft Designer that offers users a selection of cohesive design themes for their presentations and documents. By analyzing the content and context, Style Ideas suggests a range of design themes that complement the overall tone and purpose of the document or presentation. Users can choose from these suggestions to create a consistent visual identity across their work.

Image Cropping and Enhancement

Microsoft Designer’s AI-driven capabilities extend to image cropping and enhancement. The tool intelligently identifies the most important parts of an image and suggests the best way to crop and enhance it to improve visual impact. Users can easily apply these suggestions to create striking visuals that complement their content.

Accessibility Suggestions

Accessibility is a crucial aspect of any design, and Microsoft Designer’s new AI-powered features include accessibility suggestions to ensure that presentations and documents are accessible to all users. The tool analyzes content and suggests improvements, such as increasing text contrast, to make the content more readable and accessible for users with visual impairments.

How Microsoft Designer’s New Features Benefit Users

The new AI-powered features in Microsoft Designer offer numerous benefits to users, including:

  • Time Savings: With intelligent design suggestions and automation, users can save time and effort while creating visually appealing presentations and documents.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Microsoft Designer’s AI-driven features provide users with fresh design ideas and inspiration, fostering creativity and helping them develop their unique design style.
  • Improved Accessibility: By offering accessibility suggestions, Microsoft Designer enables users to create content that is inclusive and accessible to all users.
  • Professional Results: Microsoft Designer’s AI-powered features help users create polished and professional-looking presentations and documents, even without advanced design skills.


The recent expansion of Microsoft Designer’s preview, featuring new AI-powered design capabilities, promises to transform the way users create presentations and documents. By harnessing the power of AI, Microsoft Designer offers intelligent design suggestions, streamlines the design process, and helps users create visually stunning and accessible content. As the tool continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how these innovative features continue to shape the future of design in Microsoft 365 applications.

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